Aggrieved person 

Position of the aggrieved person in criminal proceedings

The aggrieved person is one of the parties to the criminal proceedings. The law grants him a number of rights. In criminal proceedings, he may be entitled to compensation for damages.

The Code of Criminal Procedure considers a person to be an aggrieved person who has been harmed by a criminal offence, who has suffered material damage or non-material damage, or at whose expense the offender has been enriched by the criminal offence.

On the other hand, a person who, although he or she feels morally or otherwise harmed by the offence, but whose injury is not caused by the fault of the offender or is not causally connected with the offence, shall not be regarded as a victim.

Nor may the right of the aggrieved person be exercised by one who is prosecuted as a co-accused in criminal proceedings.