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Mgr. Petr Motyčka

I am an attorney specializing in criminal law. I have been working in this particular legal field since the beginning of my career as an attorney. Currently, I am continuing in my passion for this work as the head of the criminal law department at endors law firm.

I gained my experience gradually in leading Czech law firms. During these years, I experienced many different approaches from the supervising attorneys, the cooperating attorneys, and even the criminal proceedings authorities. As a result, I have been able to develop my own procedures to effectively solve criminal cases.

I have worked on a wide scope of cases – ranging from highly sophisticated white-collar crimes involving compensation claims reaching billions of Czech crowns, to expressively violent crimes.

Each case is different. As such, it is necessary to build a strategy for the particular case involving variant solutions and anticipating actions of criminal proceedings authorities. Such a strategy can only be developed when intensive cooperation occurs between an attorney and a client. The client has the detailed knowledge of what really happened, and the attorney knows what can be done about it. A criminal case is also a human life story, and I sincerely enjoy studying them. 

Attorney recommends, client decides.

Some of my cases

Alleged robbery that did not happen

The client accused of robbery faced a 10-year sentence. By finding flaws in the incriminating surveillance footage and disbelieving the alleged victim, the client was acquitted.

Unlawful suspicion declaration

The client was charged with attempted battery. In spite of the very short deadlines, evidence was secured in cooperation with an expert, thanks to which the public prosecutor did not even take the case to court and dismissed the suspicion as unlawful.

Cancellation of criminal prosecution

The client was prosecuted for unauthorized use of foreign property - several motor vehicles. Following a complaint, which stressed the private law aspect of the case, the prosecution was cancelled.

Discontinuance of prosecution by the court

The client was charged with tax crimes. It was only after the Court of Appeal took into account the arguments on the exceptional circumstances of the case that it decided to discontinue the prosecution.

Ten years to suspended sentence

The client was charged with possession and distribution of drugs worth millions of crowns. After evaluating the evidence, a plea and sentence agreement has been reached. Despite the threat of ten years in prison, the client left the court with a suspended sentence.

Million-crowns fraud and clean record

Client was charged with fraudulent activity to the amount of million of crowns. Thanks to a proactive approach, a settlement was reached, the prosecution has been stopped and the client maintained a clean criminal record.

From a criminal offence to an administrative offence

The client was sentenced by the court to a suspended sentence for battery. After taking over the defence on appeal, the case was referred to administrative proceedings. Client's criminal record was kept clean and only a modest fine was imposed after a reclassification to a disproportionate defense.

Reduction of the imposed driving ban to half

The client caused a very serious traffic accident and was, among other things, given a driving ban for several years. After serving half of the sentence, the court granted a motion to suspend the remainder of the sentence. It did so with the consent of the public prosecutor without court hearing within weeks of the motion being filed.

Actions for compensation for damage caused by the State

I repeatedly represent clients in proceedings for compensation for damage (material or non-material damage) against the state, whether caused in criminal, administrative or civil proceedings. From the evaluation of the claim, through the application to the competent authority, to court proceedings.

About the web

Crime for everyone. One phrase, two meanings – both of which define this site's purpose.

On the one hand, the purpose of the site is to provide everyone with understandable information about criminal law procedures and related issues. Though it is ideal to avoid to experience with criminal proceedings authorities and their work, it is better to be prepared, in the instance that they do occur. Hence the title: crime (criminal law) for everyone.

However, this site has another main purpose: to assist, in specific cases, in pro bono (free) work, those who are unlawfully affected by the state in connection with criminal proceedings. Unfortunately, law enforcement authorities sometimes do not follow the law. This results in illegal prosecutions and inaccurate convictions of guilt - a crime for everyone.

Whether you are simply looking for information or are in search of legal defense, feel free to write or call me. I would be happy to discuss your matter.


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