How to defend yourself

Other defense options

Ordinary and extraordinary remedies are "classic" tools provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code used to attain the annulment of an unlawful decision. However, in the course of the criminal proceedings, the defence lawyer may take other steps that may bring about the desired result, i.e. the correction of the unlawful situation caused by unlawfully conducted criminal proceedings or a partial act of the criminal proceedings authorities.

Such steps include, among other things, various incentives which can be highly effective in some cases. In particular, these are effective in cases where no judgment has been made and there are still legal recources available for the defense.

The filing of a constitutional complaint is then a separate issue. Although it is not regarded as a standard remedy, it has a firm and indispensable position in the scheme of defense in criminal proceedings. It is used as a last instrument where no other defense is available.

What are other defense options?